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Sydney Weekender



Host: Mike Whitney

Mike is going on safari – a gourmet food safari! Devised and designed by TV food presenter Maeve O’Mara, there are a range of tours that allow you to try different cuisines of the world without having to leave Sydney. This week on the show Mike is going on a Lebanese Gourmet Safari, a tour of some great Lebanese eateries around the city.


On this particular tour, Mike visits the Baalbeeck Bakery which makes delicious Lebanese breads; The Nut Roaster that makes a range of nuts and spices; and the Abu Ahmad Halal Butcher in Bankstown, which makes delicious gourmet sausages and much more. It’s not just about eating the food either. You’ll also visit places where you can buy ingredients to make world flavours in your own kitchen. You’ll discover a whole world of flavour on a Gourmet Safari.


REF: http://www.sydney.com/Lebanese_Gourmet_Safari_p4398.aspx