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In just under 30 years, Nut Roaster has evolved from the dreams of founder Ghassan Afiouny (AKA Jimmy) into a successful business, providing quality products to service the needs of Australian families.

With the support of his family, Mr Afiouny was able to direct his company making it successfully family owned and operated; having family values deeply ingrained into the foundation of the company it is today.

The creation of the Kri- Kri nut was pivotal in cementing a signature flavour exclusive to Nutroasters, turning the humble peanut into a moorish treat. To this day the Kri Kri nut remains a favourite across many households and is one of our most popular products. Followed closely by our ever increasingly popular Susu's bircher Muesli which was mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald good food guide and our Healthy Indulgence mix which is truly one you must try. With all of these exclusive products, we hope that we can share with you are our passion for great foods!